Student Testimonials

Brock Knoll,
French Intensive Advanced Program

Coming into a city and not knowing the language can be very difficult, but the language course at the Montreal international Language Centre has helped me tremendously. When I original moved to Montreal, I knew absolutely no French, a true beginner; now, only 8 months later I find myself not only stringing together conversations, but occasionally thinking in French too.

Carolina Pedraza Botero, Colombia
French course

When I finished school in 2006, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I would like to study, so I decided to go to Canada and take French language courses. I searched for different travel companies and happened to stumble upon The Montreal International Language Center which was not only a place to study languages in Canada, but also a college with many other possibilities.

Here in Bogotá, the director of LCI Bogotá helped me clarify my idea of studying at LaSalle College and showed me all the possibilities and how it would be a great experience. Finally, thanks to her, I decided to go and study French at MILC and live the whole experience.

David Moscoso, Colombia
French course

David Moscoso, a twenty-three-year-old paisa, as residents of Medellín, Colombia are often called, has lived in Montreal since November 2012. He left Colombia in search of opportunities to improve his English and he has already mastered the language, excelling on his exams. In addition, he’s now even communicating well in French.

"Montreal is a French-speaking city, so I’ve had to communicate in three languages since I arrived here: English, French and Spanish. I didn’t know any French back in Colombia but have learned a lot here. At least now I can understand and identify a lot of French words that are similar to Spanish,” says David.

Geraldine Narvaez, Venezuela
English Coop program

I have always been aware of the importance of learning new languages and I knew that to do so, I would need to have total immersion in a country where they speak the language that I wanted to study. For a few months I was researching many cities, institutes, and programs around the world. When I came across Montreal and the Montreal International Language Centre it automatically seemed to be a fascinating city, multicultural and to top it all off, not only did they offer the opportunity to learn English, but French as well.

Kalina Hristova, Canada
Spanish course

I'm glad to have chosen MILC for my Spanish language course. In a relaxed atmosphere, we made considerable progress thanks to a cheerful and competent teacher in a small group! What is more, I met marvellous friends among the students in the course!

Sara De Luca,
English Intensive Advanced Program

Time flies. The 2 months course with the Montreal International Language Center has already finished. During the two months, I really enjoyed a great deal by participating in the very interactive class and learned a lot with the professor's excellent lecturing technique. In all, I consider this course as a good learning opportunity to improve French skill!

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